OPP See Drastic Reduction In Public Intoxication Charges

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 08:48 AM

There has been a sharp reduction in the number of people being arrested for public drunkeness in Kenora in the past year.

The OPP launched a new program called Detox First in 2016 and since then, more and more intoxicated people are being taken to the Morningstar Center, rather than the OPP lock-up.

Staff Sergeant Jim Neild says the new policy is definitely having an impact.

Last year just 499 people were taken to the OPP cells to sober up, compared to almost 16 hundred the year before. 

Acting inspector for the Kenora Detachment, Shaun Crabbe says Detox First is also saving them money as they have to bring in fewer guards to look after brought into their cells on intoxication charges.

He estimates they've saved about 170 thousand dollars since the policy was introduced.  

He adds that by taking them to the detox center, they also save officers time as they don't have to file as much paperwork.