Former Kenora Resident Pens Book On 1973 Bank Robbery

Posted on Friday, June 30, 2017 13:36 PM

The Devil's Gap...that's a new book about one of Kenora's most mysterious crimes.

In 1973 a man walked into the CIBC branch on Main Street, walked out and blew himself up after a confrontation with police.

Joe Ralko is a former Kenora resident and news reporter and says about 90 percent of the book is based on research that's he's gathered over the years.

"My research led me to believe that this was a suicide bomber and not a robbery that went bad.  And the reason being that when the robber came out of the bank, he stopped, he turned to the north end of the street and squared himself up to the police and made himself a visible target."

The identity of the bank robber has never been determined.

Ralko's book is available through Amazon or in Kenora through Elizabeth Campbell Books.