LOWDPOA Holding AGM And Cottage Show

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2017 15:43 PM

It's a sure sign summer is almost here.

The Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association is hosting their annual AGM and Cottage Show Monday in Winnipeg.

Diane Schwartz-Williams the Executive Director for the group says every year the event is a big success.

"The show is probably one of our biggest one in some time, and maybe ever but I'm not sure of that. We have 92 exhibitors many of them coming in from Kenora to meet and great a lot of our summer residents and visitors."

Schwartz-Williams adds the show wouldn't be possible without the Kenora vendors.

"A number of Kenora businesses and vendors that travel from Kenora to Winnipeg and spend a lot of time and energy setting up an exhibit. It's just a real credit to our community that they do that."

Pretty much anything to do with lake life and lake living can be found at the Cottage Show.

Visitors will also be treated to a special screening of the video documentary, ‘"Lake of the Woods: a History by Water", plus a sneak peak of the sequel.

The AGM part of the day will kick off at 6:30pm.